Research Project Specification

Choose a topic and write a "thesis proposal." The topic could be a research problem presented in class or something different. Use the CS department's MS thesis format, except that your outline should be for a journal paper, and you do not need a signature page, a schedule, a list of artifacts, or a list of delimitations.
Hand in your written proposal on the date specified in the schedule. Proposals will be graded on the basis of 100 points, awarded as follows.

Suggested Project

Topic suggestion: Person Identification
Linking documents about the same person is an important task that should be automated. Currently, search engines do not have the ability to identify which documents give information about the same person in their list of returned pages for a query about a person. For example, it would be nice if a search engine (e.g. Google) could group all the documents pertaining to a person (e.g., Li Xu, or David Embley, or <your name>). How could we program a search engine to solve this problem? If you are interested in attacking this person identification problem, you can use it as the topic for your research project.

Please feel free to select another topics related to data merging problems.
If you choose a different topic, be sure to clear it with your instructor by Friday, June 14th.